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Do you have videos in the MTS format that you need to convert to more common formats like MP4, AVI or WMV? Converting MTS files can be a hassle, but the right tool can make it quick and easy. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at AnyMP4 MTS Converter Crack and why it’s one of the best options for converting your MTS videos.

What is the MTS Video Format?

MTS (Module Transport Stream) is a video file format commonly used by camcorders and some video editing software. It’s a high-quality format that can store HD video and audio data in a single file.

You may have MTS video files if you:

  • Recorded video on a camcorder or AVCHD camera
  • Captured screen recordings or webcam videos
  • Received MTS files from someone else

While MTS offers excellent quality, the format is not widely supported by most media players and devices. That’s why you often need to convert MTS to a more universal format like MP4 before editing, sharing or playing the videos.

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Why Use AnyMP4 MTS Converter?

AnyMP4 MTS Converter Activation Key is a powerful desktop software that can quickly convert MTS files to over 70 video and audio formats including:

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • WMV
  • MOV
  • MKV
  • FLV
  • 3GP
  • And many more

But it doesn’t just handle MTS conversions – it’s an all-in-one video converter, compressor and basic editor. You can use it to compress large video files, perform simple edits like trimming or cropping, and optimize videos for web, mobile devices or TVs.

AnyMP4 is available for both Windows and macOS, making it a versatile choice no matter what operating system you use.

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Pros of AnyMP4 MTS Converter Crack

  • Fast conversion speeds thanks to leveraging GPU acceleration and multi-core processing
  • High output quality with options to customize resolution, bitrate and codecs
  • Simple and intuitive interface that’s easy for beginners to pick up
  • Batch conversion mode to process multiple files simultaneously
  • Built-in editing tools like trimming, cropping, rotating, adding watermarks
  • Broad format support for converting to/from over 70 video/audio formats


  • Does not have as many advanced editing capabilities as premium video editing software
  • Not a free program, pricing starts at $19.95 for 1 year license (discounts for longer terms)

How to Use AnyMP4 MTS Converter – Step-by-Step

Using AnyMP4’s MTS converter is a breeze, even for casual users. Here’s a quick walkthrough:

  1. Download and install the software on your Windows or Mac computer
  2. Add your MTS files by clicking “Add File(s)” or just dragging and dropping them
  3. Choose the output format you want to convert to (MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.)
  4. Adjust output settings (optional) like resolution, bitrate, codecs if needed
  5. Select the destination folder for your converted videos
  6. Click “Convert” to start the conversion process

You can queue up multiple MTS files at once and AnyMP4 will convert them all in one batch. A preview window also lets you check on the conversion progress.

Top Features of AnyMP4 MTS Converter

While converting MTS is its core function, AnyMP4 Patch packs in a ton of useful features that make it a robust video converter. Let’s dive into some highlights:

Convert Between All Popular Formats

In addition to MTS, AnyMP4 can convert videos between formats like:

  • MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV, WebM, RM, QT, DV
  • Extract audio to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC
  • And convert to optimized formats for mobile devices like iPhone, Android and tablets

Compression to Reduce Large File Sizes

Compress bloated video files while preserving visual quality using AnyMP4’s advanced compression codecs. Perfect for saving disk space or prepping videos for uploading.

Basic Video Editing Tools

Perform simple edits like:

  • Trim/crop videos
  • Rotate or flip orientation
  • Add text watermarks
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation
  • Extract audio from videos

Optimize for Devices and Web

Convert videos to formats and settings optimized for the web, HD TVs, iPhone, Android, gaming consoles and more. Leverage hardware acceleration for faster performance.

Batch Conversion Mode

Save time by converting multiple video files to the same or different output formats simultaneously in a batch.

High-Speed Conversion

AnyMP4 can convert MTS and other videos incredibly fast thanks to technologies like:

  • GPU acceleration (CUDA and AMD App acceleration)
  • Multi-core CPU processing
  • Hyper-threading
  • Advanced video processing algorithms

Conversions that would take hours in some converters just take minutes.

Other MTS Conversion Options

While AnyMP4 MTS Converter Serial Key is one of the better desktop options, it’s not the only way to convert MTS files. A few other alternatives include:

Online Converters

There are many free online video converters that can convert MTS to MP4 and other formats. However, most have file size limits, cap resolution, result in lower quality, and lack editing capabilities.

VLC Media Player

The free and open-source VLC has the ability to convert video formats like MTS built-in. But it’s very basic without advanced settings.


This free open-source transcoder can convert MTS and has more video processing controls, but a steeper learning curve.

For most users, the balance of power, simplicity and affordability makes AnyMP4 MTS Converter stand out over these options.

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FAQs About MTS Conversion

Before converting your MTS videos, you may have some common questions:

Why are my MTS videos corrupted or freezing?

There are a few potential causes for corrupted or freezing MTS files:

  • Interruption during video recording
  • Camera or memory card errors
  • Bad sectors on the storage disk
  • Malware or virus infection

Are there any limits on MTS file size or length?

The MTS format can technically support very high resolutions and extremely long video lengths or file sizes. However, most camcorders have hardware limits, like 2+ hours or 4-8GB max file sizes.

What output format should I convert MTS to?

MP4 is the recommended format for most use cases due to its excellent video/audio quality, wide compatibility and relatively small file sizes. But MKV is good for archiving uncompressed video.

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When you need to convert MTS videos quickly and easily, AnyMP4 MTS Converter Crack is a fantastic option to consider. Its ability to handle not just MTS conversions but optimize for web, mobile, TVs and more makes it an incredibly versatile video converter.

With its simple interface, fast speeds, wide format support and editing tools, AnyMP4 MTS Converter provides a smooth and hassle-free conversion experience. Whether you have just a few MTS files or dozens to convert, it can plow through them quickly while maintaining high video quality.

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