Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2020 Crack 17.00.25 Free Download

Are you frustrated with a sluggish, cluttered Windows PC that seems to be grinding to a halt? Don’t let a bogged down system ruin your productivity or digital experience. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2020 Crack is here to save the day as your one-stop optimization powerhouse.

What is Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2020?

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is an acclaimed all-in-one Windows utility that cleans, optimizes, and protects your PC to keep it running at peak performance. The 2020 version is the latest and greatest edition, loaded with new features and enhancements.

At its core, WinOptimizer centrally combines a suite of tools to comprehensively tune-up your system:

  • 1-Click Optimizer for automating the cleanup and optimization process
  • Disk Space Explorer for visualizing and managing disk usage
  • Privacy Manager for controlling privacy settings and clearing activity traces
  • Game Booster for optimizing resource allocation for gaming
  • Internet Cleaner for wiping browsing data and junk files
  • And much more!

WinOptimizer supports all modern versions of Windows including 10, 8, and 7.

Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2020 Crack

Key New Features in WinOptimizer 2020

The 2020 release of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2020 Download free brings a fresh, redesigned look and a number of powerful new optimization tools:

Modern Interface The first thing you’ll notice is the overhauled user interface with a clean, customizable skin and improved layout for easier navigation.

Duplicate File Finder
This handy new utility scans your drives for duplicate files that are just wasting precious disk space. You can then review and delete unneeded copies with a click.

Enhanced Disk Space Explorer The Disk Space Explorer has been turbo-charged with better categorization and filtering abilities to quickly identify large, outdated files that can be safely removed.

Improved Privacy Manager WinOptimizer’s Privacy Manager now includes advanced anti-tracking for disabling data-hungry telemetry functions in Windows 10.

Optimized Performance Speed and performance optimizations have been made across the entire WinOptimizer suite of utilities.

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How WinOptimizer Optimizes Your PC

So just what areas of your PC does Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2020 Activation Code work its magic on? Here’s a quick overview of the optimization process:

  1. Disk Cleanup & Defragmentation: Temporary files, cached data, logs, and other system junk taking up space gets cleared out. Fragmented files on your drives are defragged for faster access.

  2. Registry Optimization: The bloated Windows registry is compacted, defragged, and obsolete/corrupt entries are repaired for better system stability.

  3. Disable Unneeded Processes: Background processes that aren’t required are automatically disabled to reduce resource usage.

  4. Manage Startup Items: You can choose to disable needless programs and services from automatically launching at startup.

  5. Browser Optimization: Your browser’s cache, cookies, history are purged to free up space and eliminate privacy traces. Browser settings are tweaked for optimal Internet speeds.

  6. Game Optimization: When running games, WinOptimizer can reallocate resources to prioritize performance for a smoother experience.

The end results are a PC with more free disk space, faster bootup, and overall snappier system responsiveness. Your privacy is enhanced by clearing browsing trails, and your online activities are accelerated.

Using the 1-Click Optimizer

One of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2020’s Crack most convenient features is the 1-Click Optimizer module. With just a single click, it automates running the suite of cleanup, tuning, and optimization utilities based on an analysis of your system.

For advanced users, the 1-Click Optimizer allows you to customize what areas get optimized by checking/unchecking various options. You have precision controls for tasks like:

  • Selecting drives to defrag
  • Choosing browsers to purge cache/history for
  • Enabling/disabling specific optimizations

The process is clearly visualized in a streamlined interface, with the optimizations neatly grouped into categories. You can even schedule automatic regular tune-ups.

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Other Key Modules to Leverage

While the 1-Click Optimizer provides unparalleled convenience, diving into Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2020’s Activation Key individual modules unlocks even more powerful tuning capabilities:

Internet Cleaner This tool manually wipes your browsing activity by clearing cache, cookies, download history, and form data across all major web browsers. It protects your online privacy.

Disk Space Explorer Visualize your disk usage with this insightful utility that uses graph views to show your largest files, folders and file types taking up space. You can then open, delete, move or compress space hogs with a click.

Game Booster When playing resource-intensive games, the Game Booster reallocates system resources like CPU, RAM, and networking to prioritize gaming for a smooth, lag-free experience.

Privacy Manager Manage Windows 10’s built-in data collection and telemetry features with this hub that lets you control location services, diagnostic data, advertising ID, Cloud upload and more.

There are a dozen more modules covering areas like customizing the context menu, finding broken shortcuts, recovering disk space from backups, and more.

Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2020 Crack

What’s New in WinOptimizer 2020

Now let’s dive deeper into some of the major upgrades and additions in WinOptimizer 2020:

Modern User Interface Ashampoo listened to user feedback and delivered a brand new, completely modernized user interface built from the ground up. The clean, flat look and feel is visually appealing yet highly functional, with easily identifiable icons and menus.

You can fully customize the skin by choosing from pre-set color schemes or defining your own accent colors. The redesigned layout is simpler and more intuitive for finding optimization features quickly.

Duplicate File Finder Tool A new dedicated tool called Duplicate File Finder has been incorporated to battle redundant file copies needlessly eating up space on your drives. It thoroughly scans any drives you specify to detect duplicate files.

You can then easily review the results and select duplicates you want to consolidate and permanently delete. Easy one-click actions allow you to manage duplicates by criteria like size, path, and type.

Enhanced Disk Space Explorer WinOptimizer’s revamped Disk Space Explorer now provides more dynamic filtering capabilities to zero in on space hogs based on size, date modified, extension, and more.

For example, you can use the preset filters to immediately see files over 500 MB, media files, or items that haven’t been accessed in years. This helps prioritize what to clean up first.

The Explorer now also integrates WinOptimizer’s irreversible File Wipe feature for permanently shredding files you delete so they can’t be recovered.

Improved Privacy Protection and Anti-Tracking
Building on its robust privacy tools, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2020 Crack introduces deeper controls to disable the data collection and telemetry services built into Windows 10.

Within the Privacy Manager module, you can use the new Tracking Blocker to stop Microsoft from gathering data about your usage habits, locations, contacts, calendars, and more.

Windows 10’s controversial advertising ID that lets Microsoft and third parties track you across apps for personalized ads can also be disabled with a click.

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